.Get Educated.

I am a big fan of documentaries and I often look for interesting ones on food as well as other subjects. Here are a list of documentaries related to food that I have come across.

*Food Inc. – The famous documentary that got many people interested in the issue of where food comes from and how they are produced. (American)

*Fast Food Nation – This is actually a movie but it is not entirely fictional. (American)

*King Corn – A documentary about the thing that is in everything we eat today… corn. (American)

*Jimmy’s Food Factory – An absolutely brilliant program that looks into the science of how some of our favorite foods are made. (British)

*Did Cooking Make Us Human – Talks about how cooking relates to how we evolved as humans. (British)

*The Future of Food – A look into what is happening to our food in terms of genetically altered, patented foods. (American)

*The Man Who Ate Everything – An interesting documentary that tries to discover what inspired Alan Davidson, a legendary name in food writing and author of the Oxford Companion to Food. (British)

*Supermarkets: What Price Cheap Food? – Explores the effects of supermarkets’ constant quest for price reduction. (British)

*Tax The Fat – Should the government increase the tax on ‘fatty’ food? (British)

*The Foods That Make Billions – Learn how some food manufacturing giants have transformed commodity into necessity. (British)

*Modern Marvels: Fast Food Tech – Explains some of the technology that makes up the fast food industry. (American)

More to come as I keep updating…


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