Displacement: Globalisation – Why Complain?!

Posted: July 1, 2006 in p.o.v.

Kuala Lumpur… supposedly the fashion capital of asia… maybe… maybe not but whatever it is… there is no doubt that fashion is a booming industry here… However it seems that it’s also popular for firms to hire foreign models from eastern europe rather than our local, home-grown models… and the models are complaining of being displaced… Now lets think about this for a moment… True that the industry should have a responsibility of helping its local talents… Which of course leads to the talent itself… do our models have what it takes? It seems that some of our models are not having any problems finding jobs and are even finding some overseas fame… Now then what is the problem exactly?! Well it’s clear what is going on isn’t it?! Competition… it’s all part of globalisation… having to compete with foreigners is all part of the norm in business these days… Personally I don’t think that there is much bias… it maybe because of money or it maybe because of comsumer target or it ould be for any other reason… definitely not because they are local… If you have the talent… you will find a job… Some people are obviously mindlessly complaining about not getting a job but also in the mean time not understanding how the business world works… Think about it… a Hungarian model is taking up a job here while at the same time a Malaysian is probably taking up a job in some other part of the world… It’s how the world works these days baby… get on the train or get out of the queue… don’t hold up the line… There’s also been talk about the governments restriction on using foreign faces in advertisements in Malaysia… some recent car ad with Brad Pitt in it was banned because it could have showcased a Malaysian face instead… Something to do with how using too many foreign faces will cause some kind of inferior complex… More like some people are lacking in confidence… The minister in charge was quoted saying something along the lines of “Why not use Malaysian faces. Are we not handsome enough?”… I think we should leave that question unanswered… Actually I really think it’s more than looks… please… if it was just about looks it would have been cheaper for the company to hire some random good-looking guy to promote their car… It’s all about the marketing… using Brad Pitt… he’s a worldwide recognisable face… with the exception of people who have been living under a rock… Plus with his “connection” to Angelina Jolie these days… he’s probably as popular as ever… “ka-ching” $$$$$$… This is just so brainless… However I have to say that if the government play their cards right on this one… it could be good for the local industry… and still maintain a healthy flow of western culture into the country… Personally I like the fact that Malaysians are not as ignorant as some Americans are…


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