Banoffee Pie!

Posted: June 30, 2006 in activity, food

So I went for dinner with Maria, her boyrfriend (sorry I don’t know how to spell his name, is it with a v?), and Veno at Bangsar Village… it’s basically pretty new… few years… never heard or seen till yesterday… and we had dinner at “Delicious” by Mrs. Reid… I had the curry laksa and it was not bad… could have been more spicy… Then it came time for dessert… Maria had her eye on the banoffee pie and was pretty sure there was one left… however when we ordered… the waiter told us that some one had already taken the last one… It was hysterical… Maria asked if the chef could make another one but they said it was made in the other restaurant in One Utama… so we made a decision… I’m not too sure who’s idea it was but I was definitely the one who encouraged it… we cancelled our orders for dessert… paid the bill and drove to the restaurant in OU… when we got there Maria sent her boyfriend to go straight to get the banoffee pie while we parked the car… it took quite some time due to some stupid Taxi drivers getting in the way but we got there… and it was a lucky thing she sent him ahead because her banoffee pie was the last one… yes the very last one… man oh man… that girl loves her banoffee pies… I have to say it was definitely a fun dinner… loads of laughter… Next the mango-thingi in SS2!!!


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