X-Men: The Last Stand

Posted: June 8, 2006 in movie

A little overdue… but anyway… as you all might have know already… the 3rd and last installment of X-Men basically has the return of Jean Grey and the concluding fight between the human-loving and human-hating mutants… Some doctor found a way to suppress the mutated gene in mutants forever aka “the cure” and is making it available for any mutant who wants it… Magneto is using this fact as ammo to get more angry mutants on his side… The X-Men on the other hand have more things to worry about like Jean Grey’s return and the fact that her altre-ego, Pheonix, is taking over… One thing led to another… Jean became Pheonix when she killed the professor… After that Magneto forms an army of mutants to help capture the source of the “the cure” and Storm the new leader of the X-Men brings her group of 6 fighters to stop Magneto… in the end almost everyone important died or lost their powers… For the good of humanity and mutants… Wolverine had to kill Pheonix… I was so upset that Jean died… but it was a good movie… I loved it… So go see it if you haven’t… Cheers…


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