Date Movie

Posted: March 8, 2006 in movie

A ridiculous movie about an obese girl who is desperate to find love… she enlists the help of a matchmaker, loses tonnes of weight and meets the man of her dreams… Everything goes well until she is introduced to her fiance’s best man who isn’t actually a man but his ex-fiance who broke up with him because she was not ready to commit but now she is and she schemes to break the happy couple up… Being obese for many years has made her insecure and she breaks off the engagement but the guy apologises and basically tells her how much he loves her and they end up happily ever after… That is the plot of the movie but it uses schemes from different movies and change them a little to be ridiculously stupid… including “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, “Meet The Parents & Fockers”, “Hitch”, “Princess Diaries”, “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Lord of The Rings”, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days”, “The Wedding Planner”, “Pretty Woman”, “Kill Bill”, “My Best Friend’s Wedding”…

It was hilarious at times but mostly just stupid… Really not worth the watch…


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