Posted: March 7, 2006 in movie

Starring Felicity Huffman from Desperate Housewives… this movie is about a pre-operative male-to-female transgender going by the name of Bree who is just a week away from completing her gender change forever when she suddenly gets a phone call out of the blue telling her that she was the “father” of a boy, Toby, who is currently in need of her to bail him out of jail… Before she gets her operation… Bree is now required by her psychiatrist to resolve her relationship with her son… So she flies from Los Angeles to New York to pick up her son… without revealing her true identity… but it turned out that he did not want to go back… instead decides to follow Bree to Los Angeles… Bree schemes to drive across the United States and drop him off back home on the way… However things take a turn when she finds out that his mother had died and his step-father was abusing him… so she lets him travel with her… Things seemed to be going fine until Toby found out she was actually a he… he gets angry and picks up a hitchhiker to annoy Bree… and things got worst when the hitchhiker stole their car and left them stranded with no money… They then hitchhike to Bree’s parents house in hope of her getting some money to fly back to Los Angeles because she was to get her operation the next day… Things heat up when Bree’s mother refuses to accept that her only son was turning himself into a woman and finally when things just got out of control… Bree confesses to Toby about their true relationship… Toby could not accept the fact as well and runs away… Bree flies back to LA for her operation… Sometime later Toby arrives at Bree’s place to see how she was doing…

An emotional yet funny journey with Bree who was very well portrayed by Felicity Huffman… It was draggy and monotonous at times but over all it was a good movie… But I reckon this movie is not for everyone as it can be quite a heavy load of frustration going around…


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