Moment Of Truth…

Posted: February 27, 2006 in random ramble

I really can’t seem to find anything to talk about these days… But luckily for me no one really reads it anyway and so I can pretty much ramble any rubbish and it wouldn’t matter would it… “Blogs are for people who can’t get published”… I can’t remember which movie it came from but I disagree with it… Personally I think that blogs are for people who want to complain and put out their thoughts but no one wants to listen and only hope that someone would be bored enough to read it… Or at least that’s me anyway… When was the last time someone did something really sweet for you… Hahaha don’t get the wrong idea… You know the place where I live… we have this cleaner who’s really nice and cheery but today she actually brought homemade muffins for us… isn’t that just so sweet… I mean would your cleaner do that?!?! So classes start tomorrow or rather later today and I’m quite excited really… because I will also find out how I did for my summer course… fingers cross… I’m soooooo nervous… I was pretty happy with how the paper went but things don’t always turn out like you think it would and I really need this… so dear God please help me out here… Cheers…


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