Underworld: Evolution

Posted: February 20, 2006 in movie

The story picks up right where it was previously left off… A quick recap… Celine is a vampire who have been loyal to her leaders for many years until she found out that her mentor and trusted father-figure, Victor, was the one who killed her whole family and has been lying to her all these years… Now that she had killed Victor, she is on the run from the rest of the vampires with only one ally left, Michael, the human descendant of Corvinus who is now a hybrid of vampire and lycan (werewolf)… Trouble stirs when the first vampire Marcus Corvinus awakens and is determined to free his lycan twin brother, William, a vicious killer who has been locked up for centuries so that they can rule the world together… Celine and Michael while on the run, crosses paths with Marcus as Celine is the only one who knows the location of William… Now Celine and Michael turn their attention to stopping Marcus… and they ended up face to face with Alexandre Cornvinus, the eldest and first immortal… He was the only one who could stop Marcus but he could not bring himself to do it because no matter what Marcus is still his son… but after Marcus arrives to kill him… Alexandre passes his legacy to Celine by giving her his blood… Together Celine and Michael defeat Marcus and William… making them the future of the immortals…

The first movie was still better but the thing I liked about this one is that it an immediate continuation of the previous one… and the story develops really quickly… Less action this time though… the first one had a lot a lot of killing… but this one was pretty brutal at some parts… I enjoyed it… I always like a good vampire story… Cheers…


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