Memoirs Of A Geisha

Posted: February 20, 2006 in movie

Based on the novel with the same title… this story tells of how young girl who was sold to be a slave at 9 years old rises to be a Geisha… It’s a pretty long story but to make it short… after being sold to be a slave to she was sent to Geisha school while working for her owner who is the mentor of the most successful Geishas… however she often gets into trouble by attempting to run away to find her sister which got her pulled out from Geisha school and so was forced to be a slave forever… one day however she meets a man, “the Chairman”, and this time really aspires to be a Geisha so that one day she could meet him again… Years later when she turned 15… her prayers were answered… she was given the chance to be a Geisha again… she is given the name Sayuri and she trains with Mameha who is determined to make her the best so that she will succeed Hatsumomo and Pumpkin (who trains under Hatsumomo)… then she meets the Chairman again… but when she tries to get close to him… Mameha asks her to do something else which only seems to stir her away… Then the battle between the Geishas start… they use all kinds of tactics to try to outsmart and outplay each other… but then chaos starts when war strikes… Sayuri flees from the city but when opportunity arrives for her to become a Geisha once again she accepts… However things seem to have change now that Americans have arrived such that Geishas are treated like prostitutes and commodities rather than artists… But somehow after all is said and done… the Chairman and Sayuri finally learn the truth about each others feelings…

I haven’t read the book… but I reckon that even though the movie itself is good but the storyline is a little patchy… because they only take buts and pieces of the whole story… A lot of controversy had been surrounding this movie… about the lead actress not being Japanese… about how the story depicts Geisha life inaccurately… and all that… So just remember when you are watching the movie… the story even though is called memoirs… it is fictional and the author is not even Japanese…


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