Just Friends

Posted: February 16, 2006 in movie

A movie about this guy who used to be fat, Chris, who is best friends with the hottest girl in high school, Jamie, and he was in love with her but she only thought of him as his friend… or so she thought… After a humiliating incident during his high school graduation party… he left town and made something of himself… plus he lost weight… By chance he ends up in his hometown and bumps into Jamie… He decides to give her a taste of how he used to feel but she in fact fell in love with him and so he just ended up looking like a jerk and losses his best friend… But realizing he was wrong he goes back to apologize and confessed that he had always loved Jamie… and yes they ended up together…

A rather crap movie don’t bother… Good for filling up spare time when you’re bored though…


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