Night Out…

Posted: February 15, 2006 in random ramble

The most ridiculous thing happened last night but before I get to that part… I was enjoying myself very much… the day started off well not having classes anymore… A group of us (people from O’Connell Residence) had decided the night before that we were going for a movie… so yesterday night we headed off to Hoyts in Melbourne Central to watch Walk The Line… Since we had some time before the movie started we went to have dessert… in the middle of having dessert, one of the girls, Anna, realized her ticket was missing… looked up and down but nowhere to be found… then I asked her what did she do with the ticket when she was making her order and that is when it struck her that she left it in the menu… Luckily we found her ticket… Oh excellent show by the way… love the music… amazingly… Anyway by the time the show ended it was 12 and when we got back it was around 12.10… We hung around the common room for awhile and one of the guys there, Jade, told us about how he left his key in his room so he was stuck in the common room for the night… he could have called the managers but he decided it was late and he didn’t want to trouble them… Awhile later we all headed off the bed… And that was when the stupid thing happened… You see… my toilet is outside my room… and without noticing… yes… I left my key in my room!!! I couldn’t believe it myself… because I usually had it hung around my neck but for some reason I took it off before I went to the toilet… of all the stupidity… so I spent the night in the common room as well… Another guy came down awhile later and I asked him if by any chance he had any DVDs and he had Shawn of The Dead so… we 3 watched the movie which ended at about 3 before we went to sleep… Man… it was so cold in the common room… but I still managed to sleep pretty well… That was really one of the stupidest things that has happened to me… Of course only on Monday… the last day of the semester… I went off to classes happily thinking it was all going to be over soon and got there early only to realize that I had left my last assignment back at my place… Arrggghhhh… I had to walk all the way back to get it and hence missed half the class… What’s up with me man… my brain is like not working properly… Oh well… no harm no foul… Oh and congratulations to Australian cricket team for winning the 2006 VB series… Cheers…


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