Rumor Has It…

Posted: February 13, 2006 in movie

Based on a true story… Rumor Has It is the story of what happened after The Graduate… Sarah has been search for who she was all her life is on her way to her younger sister, Anne’s wedding with her fiancee whom she agreed to marry even though she wasn’t sure if she was really in love with him… when she got to the wedding she found out something about her mother which made her think about her own life… After a little digging around she found out that her family was the story of The Graduate… where a 21 year old guy slept with a 42 year old woman and then dated her daughter… years later the week before the girl’s wedding… she fled to Mexico to be with the guy but went back to marry another guy… that girl was Sarah’s mother, the 42 year old woman was her grandmother, and the 21 year old guy was Bo Burroes… this got messy when her fiancee pointed out that Sarah was born less than 9 months after her mother’s wedding which made her decide to go find Bo to confront him about the truth of what happened in Mexico because she was convinced she was not her father’s daughter because she was nothing like the rest of her family… But when she found Bo… she found out that her father was indeed her real father because Bo was infertile… Seeing that Sarah was upset, Bo asked her to go for a drink with him… one thing led to another and they ended up spending the night together… Bo being a suave man convinced Sarah to spend some time with him since there was nothing to look forward to going back to her life anyway… When Sarah’s fiancee could not reach her for a some time… he went to look for her but caught her kissing Bo… which then led to them breaking up… Sarah left without telling Bo and went back to her grandmother’s place… there she finds out the real truth about her mother… Her father knew all along that her mother went off with Bo and that she came back because she really loved him and not Bo… Hearing that Sarah realizes that it was the exact same situation with her… that she wasn’t looking for herself all her life but her seeking for her mother… No longer scared she went to talk to her fiancee… They worked things out… and thus ended up together again…

Not too bad a movie… good for vacation watching… Not worth the cinema… Cheers…


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