Brokeback Mountain

Posted: February 13, 2006 in movie

The award-winning movie directed by Ang Lee… I was rather amused that the movie was directed by a Chinese man… but hey it’s a modern world… Anyway the story tells of two strangers who met when they worked as cowboys on Brokeback Mountain looking after sheep… Being alone in the mountain they bonded and later fell in love… When their job ended… the two headed their separate ways… one got married, had 2 girls and worked farm jobs… the other went to Texas to be a bull rider, met a rich girl, married and had a son… but when they decided to meet again… their lives start to spin out of control… one wants them to stay together but the other is weary of how society will treat them if they were exposed… So they decided to meet every once in a while… but when one of the wives found out… they got divorced… but still the two guys could not be together and even until the end because one got into a accident and died without the other knowing… or so that’s what he was told…

The movie is an emotional journey of the struggle of the two men to have a relationship in a society where is was definitely NOT acceptable to be homosexual… It started off pretty slowly but slowly built up momentum… Personally I felt it wasn’t very interesting at all and in fact was rather boring… but it’s one of those movies where it’s about the emotions… So if you like those types of movies I reckon you’d like this one… Cheers…


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