A Chinese Tall Story

Posted: February 13, 2006 in movie

A modern adaptation of the classic Chinese tale, Journey To The West, where a Buddhist monk from the Chinese Tang Dynasty travels to the west (India) in search of the holy scriptures with his three disciples which he picked up on the way, the most famous one being the Monkey King… This adaptation focuses on the monk’s side instead of the traditional Monkey King’s side of the story and includes the monk falling in love with an ugly mountain girl who later turns into a beautiful angel and spaceship battles… There’s nothing much to say about this movie except that it was rather crappy… maybe not crappy but silly… the monk was portrayed to be a sissy and the whole story was just rather ridiculous and pointless… Definitely not worth the watch… if you want to know the story catch the Journey To The West TVB series starring Dicky Cheung… that one was good… Cheers…


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