Year Of The Dog… Bow Wow…

Posted: January 30, 2006 in my news, news
Happy Chinese New Year 新年快乐 恭喜发财!!!

aka Lunar New Year to those who celebrate in Korea and Japan…!!! Pretty dull for me this year… so sad I didn’t get to celebrate this year… I guess that’s my punishment for not studying hard… But this time around will be totally different… I just got back my mid sem results… 39/40 woohoo!!! Man I can’t believe I lost that 1 mark… I checked the answer 3 times and finally after I handed the paper in I was counting it in my head and I realised I had made a mistake… sooooooooooooo sad…!!!!!!!!! But anyway still a good result… 🙂

The Australian Open has finally come to an end and who else but Roger Federer is the champion… but Marcos Baghdatis was the people’s champion… Hooray for Baghdatis for making things fun and interesting!!! Only his first grand slam final ever at the age of 20… I would say he did a pretty decent job… But kudos to Federer for bringing his A game back in the 3rd set… 1st and 2nd were pretty shaky… I liked the fact that he cried when he received the trophy… it’s nice to see emotions… :p

I feel a good year ahead… hopefully it will be… Cheers…


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