Melbourne Report

Posted: January 5, 2006 in my news, random ramble

I’ve been back in Melbourne for 3 days now… When I got there I nearly had a heart attack… it was drizzling and I found out that I couldn’t get into Vin Li’s place, which she is supposed to be lending me, because she didn’t have the key for the gate… no worries… the building next to hers which belongs to the Petronas guys, as usual, is opened… so I kept my things there while I settled other things… Turns out that one of the Petronas guy’s parents is using the girls’ place… so now I staying in that guy’s place… Rafiq I think that’s how you spell his name… but I think he moved in with his parents and I’m not sure what the other guy’s name is and there was another girl who is from Ballarat, Elani (no sure how you spell it), but she had seemed to disappear… So now I have no idea what on earth is going in that place but I’m just hanging around while finding a place ASAP!!! Classes have started… feels like usual except it the same subject every hour… Yeah and I can’t stand not having internet… The computer I’m using right now… the Uni’s computer… is totally weird… all the punctuation keys on the keyboard are out of place as in when I try to type @, ” comes out instead… to type @ I have to use “Shift””Insert”… is that not ridiculous?!?! Arghhh… it’s taking me forever to get this entry done… Vin if you read this… no worries… I’m just glad I have a place… where ever it is… All for now… Cheers…


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