Aeon Flux

Posted: December 25, 2005 in movie

Set in the near future… it is the time after a deadly virus wiped out nearly all of human race… A scientist named Trevor Goodchild invents the cure and he built a concealed city with walls on all sides… many generations have passed and the Goodchild empire controls everything… but recently a rebel group has risen has risen to challenge the Goodchild regime… their best is Aeon… Then one day they finally get the change to kill Goodchild but at the moment that she was to pull a trigger… she starts to get pieces of memories that she never had before… and she was knocked out… When she recovers she is now captured but she manages to escape… Then she finds out the truth about why she has memories of things she does not know and what has been happening to mankind ever since they were cured of the deadly virus… They found out that the cure would only work until a certain generation and after that it would not work anymore… So after every person dies within the walls of the city their DNA are replicated and implanted to a pregnant woman’s embryo… and the person is reborn… Trevor Goodchild himself had been cloning himself and teaching himself every generation to find a solution… And before the virus struck… Aeon was then named Catherine was Trevor’s wife… and she died from the virus… but somehow she was brought back… And the person that wants Trevor to die was actually Trevor’s brother because they found out that people have finally developed an immunity to the virus… which means there will be no more need to clone people… So the now have a civil war and even the rebels don’t know what to do… But finally the “good”… Trevor and Aeon… triumphs and the rebels get what they want… FREEDOM…

Ok so the movie is quite good… not bad… not too draggy… just enough action… good enough plot to keep you into it… Overall ok…


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