Posted: December 21, 2005 in movie

Finally caught it… This movie is from the makers of Jumanji… remember Jumanji? The board game came to life… Well Zathura is another board game but this time… it’s a space adventure… The story starts off with a broken family… divorced parents… with 3 kids… eldest girl and two boys… The middle one Walter is athletic and a wise-arse… the youngest, Danny, is still young and naive… After a fight with his brother, Danny ended up finding a board game in the basement… Without much thought into it… he starts to play the game… only to start a chain of evens that is controlled by the game and can only end when the game ends… The relationship between the two brothers had been rough ever since their parents divorced and Walter blames Danny for the break-up… But now the game is making things worst… In the middle of the game they get a little help from a stranded astronaut… Then when Zorgons, lizard-like creatures, “invade” their home everyone works together to finish the game… They find out that Walter had played the game before and when he received a free wish, he wished Danny was not born and after that he could not finish the game… He used a black-hole to re-play the game and this time he saved his brother instead of wishing him away… So the game ends happily ever after… Well for the brothers anyway… everyone else was not really affected…

The movie wasn’t bad… Same concept as Jumanji but still different… Basically a fun movie to watch but no award winner…


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