Summer Trip 2005: Hong Kong

Posted: December 7, 2005 in my news

My third trip to Hong Kong if memory serves me right… Actually the main reason for the trip this time is to bring the babies (my younger siblings) to Disneyland… and Hong Kong is the closest… Left on Wednesday morning and got there in the afternoon…

Took the Airport Express to Kowloon Station before taking the shuttle to our hotel… We still stayed in Kowloon of course, but this time was Shangri-La in Tsim Sha Tsui East which overlooks the straight between Hong Kong Island and Mainland… After putting down our stuff in the rooms we went for some wonton noodles… my dad’s favourite… Personally I’m not very fond of the Hongky wonton noodle… I prefer the Malaysian one… but the wontons there are better…

Day One: Disneyland
After hearing the many rumours about Disneyland Hong Kong we decided to try and avoid the weekends, the busiest time… It was quite a journey there itself… from Tsim Sha Tsui Station we took the Tsuen Wan Line to Lai King Station then change to the Tung Chung Line to Sunny Bay and finally changing to the Disneyland Resort Line… the train for that line is so cute… the windows are in the shape of the famous three circle Mickey head shape as well as the supports on the handrail… it’s also decorated with Disney character statues… Even on a Thursday there were quite a lot of people… mostly tour groups from China… a lot of old folks… More on Disneyland itself later… the whole day I would say wasn’t really that great… spent most of the time in queues… mainly for the babies who wanted to take pictures with the characters… the lines were sooooo freaking long because for some reason all the old people wanted a photo with the characters… and I we didn’t really get around to many of the few rides… So yeah no a good experience… Stayed for the fireworks which was quite good… Verdict… even Paris was better…

Day Two: Shopping
We crossed over to the Island… the day started off great with some very satisfying dim sum in Maxim’s Place in City Hall… much better than the dim sum from the previous day… Then off we went to shop… just basically walk around… look see look see… buy whatever… so a very painful day for my feet…

Day Three: Ocean Park
Dim sum for breakfast again… this time at Maxim’s in Hennessy Center… not as good as the one in City Hall and bad service as well… way too over crowded… Going to Ocean Park was a total and utter surprise… I didn’t know we were going to there until we got there… Haha… I had been there a long time ago but I really couldn’t remember much… amazingly there were worse things there than I had “remembered”… I think the rides there are quite reasonable but the people might want to improve on their animal shows… not very impressive…

Day Four: More Shopping
Deviating from dim sum… we went to have breakfast at this coffee house place, Australia Dairy Co. on Parkes Street in Jordan… They are famous for their “dan dan” aka Chinese egg custard… After that another walking spree… which led to Fa Yuen Street in the area of Lady’s Market in Mong Kok… If you don’t know… this is THE place to buy shoes, mostly sneakers… and for very low prices… And at night we went around night markets… Another painful day for the feet… The weather was also getting colder than I expected…

Day Five: Disneyland Again
A very cold day… we decided to give it another shot hoping for less people on Monday and also planning to go there at an earlier time… But to our dismay… there were even more people than on Thursday… But this time we decided to skip the shows and the photo taking so we managed more rides… we even managed the Winnie The Pooh ride which had a waiting time of about 90 minutes at the time we were in queue… this time we didn’t stay for the fireworks to avoid the crowd going back…

Well so that was the trip in summary… the flight back was one of the worst in recent times… the cabin pressure was a little off because it was the first in a long long time since I had ear-popping problem and the landing was terrible…

The Ups:
Love the hotel… best place to be… very comfy beds and love the fact that they have both shower and tub… They’ve also got a whole lot of TV channels which includes BBC Prime… which I just have to tell about this episode of “The Weakest Link” that they showed… if you don’t know it’s a quiz show… and one of the question was “What is the full title of the fourth installment of the Harry Potter books?” and the guy answered “The Wizard of Doom…”… Man that was the stupidest and funniest thing I’ve ever heard on a quiz show…!!! Anyway back to the hotel room… It has quite nice features… includes connection ports for internet and printer to your laptop… DVD player… weighing scale… bath crystals… I especially like their cotton wools… And also I’ve been dying for some dim sum for a very very long time… and yum!!! Love the dim sum!!! Hehe… though I didn’t manage to get some “zha leong” this time…

The Downs:
Air pollution!!! God it’s so difficult to breathe in Hong Kong… it’s a wonder how people can live so old there and how little children don’t develope brain damage… Also very conjested… like London… but in London there are less sky scrapers so it does not feel as claustrophobic…

Airport Express
Hotel Room

Christmas Deco
Inside The MTR
Inside The Disneyland Resort Train
The Greeting Sign
Musical Fountain Outside the Disneyland Resort Station
The Famous Disneyland Railroad Mainstreet Station
The Christmas Tree At The Center of Mainstreet
Display At The Jungle River Cruise
The Guest of Honour In The Disney Characters Parade
Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
Fantasia Fountain In Fantasyland
The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh Which Had The Longest Queue EVER
The Orbitron
Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
Space Mountain
Liki Tikis
Tarzan’s Treehouse
Rafts To Tarzan’s Treehouse

Disneyland Resort Station


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