Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire

Posted: November 23, 2005 in movie

Excellent… Best of all the Harry Potter films so far… very exciting… Everything that’s been said is quite true… it’s darker… funnier and more exciting… but the only thing is it didn’t really do justice to the book… because they had to cut out quite a lot to fit it into 2 1/2 hours… I have to say that Daniel Radcliffe’s acting has improved… the girls have grown prettier… the twins look better with long hair… Neville looks good… thinner and so adorable… Katie Leung has a weird accent… Robert Pattinson who plays Cedrick Diggory isn’t how I imagine when reading the book… should be cuter… Oh they also changed to story a little… the maze part could have been a little more impressive… the dragon scene was good… the underwater part was good as well… there was one really weird part where Hermione and Ron started fighting and then the scene diverges and comes back where Hermione goes mental… and I really didn’t get it… and I totally forgot what goes on in the book so I got really confused… But Emma Watson’s really good though… strong performance… Ok… all good… so go watch… everyone so has to watch it!!!!!!!!!!!


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