Australia Makes World Cup Germany 2006 Finals!!!

Posted: November 16, 2005 in news

After a 1-0 come back in the second leg of the two leg World Cup qualifier between Australia and Uruguay… It all came down to a penalty shootout!! The heros of the night were Schwarzer (the Australian goalkeeper)… saving two of the four penalties taken by Uruguay… and Aloisi who scored the winning penalty… giving Australia a win of 4-2…!!!! And they FINALLY make it to the finals after all these years… and what better time to qualify then to go back to the place where they once previously qualified… Alright!!! Which means that the teams that qualified are:

Angola (ANG)
Cote d’Ivoire (CIV) [Ivory Coast]
Togo (TOG)
Ghana (GHA)
Tunisia (TUN)

Japan (JPN)
Iran (IRN)
Korea Republic (KOR)
Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Germany (GER)
Ukraine (UKR)
Netherlands (NED)
Poland (POL)
England (ENG)
Croatia (CRO)
Italy (ITA)
Portugal (POR)
Sweden (SWE)
Serbia and Montenegro (SCG)
France (FRA)

North America
United States of America (USA)
Mexico (MEX)
Costa Rica (CRC)


South America
Argentina (ARG)
Brazil (BRA)
Ecuador (ECU)
Paraguay (PAR)

It’s mayhem in Australia… the people in Melbourne are going nuts… the people are driving around the city honking their horns and shouting and singing!!! It’s certainly great great news even for a country that soccer ins’t that huge… Cheers…


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