Chicken Little

Posted: November 8, 2005 in movie

Excellent animation… I love the beginning of the movie… very funny… Well anyway the story begins by telling us what had happened to Chicken Little… some time ago… an incident happened where Chicken Little saw a piece of the sky fall and in a panic had sounded the town’s emergency bell… causing a chaos… when the people came to see what was wrong… the piece of the sky which had fallen was gone… and there was no sign of any disaster… The people became mad and were convinced that Chicken Little was just crazy… And even now… people are still talking about the incident… His father was very embarrassed about the incident and Chicken Little wanted to make his father proud of him again… But time and time again he gets into trouble and his father needs to take the heat for it… Then as a last ditch… Chicken Little decides to join the school baseball team where his father was a legend… So in the finals the team was a point down and he was the only player left… he was told to take the walk but being the determined little chicken he is… he swings… and amazingly he makes it to the home plate safe!!! He was hailed the town’s hero… But that night… as he was beginning to enjoy his new found fame… a piece of the past comes back to haunt him… Yes!!! A pieces of the sky fell again!!! But this time… he realizes that that pieces of sky was more like an electronic plate… and this plate actually camouflages with it’s background… this time… in a panic he calls his trusty friends Abby Mallard (Ugly Duckling), Runt of the Litter (a pig) and Fish Out of Water for help… When they arrive and figure out what to do… Fish finds himself in a little trouble when the plate starts to fly away carrying him along and the rest chase after it only to find that the plate was part of an alien spaceship… They go in to find Fish and “discovers” that the earth might be in danger of an attack… When the aliens found them… they decide to go ring the town emergency bell again… but the aliens manage to escape in time and again the town’s people were extremely angry with Chicken Little… But in the whole chaos… a baby alien had been left behind… the next morning… Chicken Little finds that the alien parents had brought backup to find their lost baby which include total annihilation of the earth… But Chicken had made friends with the baby alien and is determined to return him back and at the same time save the planet… Of course with the help of his father and friends he saves the day… It’s seriously hilarious and great fun to watch!!!!! You will have barrels of laughter… and the characters are sooooo cute!!!!!! You’ll love ’em… Yeah so go catch it… you won’t regret it!!! Cheers…


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