The Legend Of Zorro

Posted: November 5, 2005 in movie

In this second installment of Zorro movies… about 10 years have passed since the mask of Zorro had been passed to Alejandro… He still continues to fight for the freedom of the poor and oppressed people of California… and now the greatest chance for freedom has arrived… The people are called to vote on the matter of the state of California joining the Union with the rest of America… this means that the Spanish overlords will no longer have power over the people… So the greedy overlords have come up with a scheme to tear the nation apart… While Zorro continues to fight for justice… he is neglecting his family more and more… His wife Elena thinks he should quit to spend time with his family… but he says that the people still need Zorro and also he could never really give up that part of himself… After some ‘bad guys’ discovered Zorro’s identity… Elena had no choice but to divorce Alejandro and going undercover… He however did not know the real reason but decided it was because of him not wanting to give up his mask… But slowly the pieces started falling into place and he discovers the evil overlord’s plans and he and Elena join forces to defeat the bad guys… and also with a little help from their cheeky and mischievous 10-year-old son Joaquin… In the end Alejandro realises that his family was indeed the most important thing to him and would never want to lose them… and Elena also accepts that Zorro was not just who Alejandro was but also who the whole family were…

The movie was pretty damn good actually… sequels are always hard to do but this one was exceptional… Still has it’s charm and funny bits… and a good dose of action… However even though 10 years have passed… Alejandro and Elena have not really grown that much older… Hahaha…


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