Posted: November 4, 2005 in movie

A pretty good movie… Starring Orlando Bloom as leading man and Kirsten Dunst as his opposite… also stars Susan Sarandon… The movie starts with a young and successful shoe designer, Drew (Bloom), who is now in the worst situation of his life… His most recent creation is a major flop and will cost the company $972 million (I think… can’t remember) but his boss says that it such a large sum you can just round it off to $1 billion… So he was fired and went home “planning” to kill himself… that was until he received a call from his sister bearing another bad news… their father had died… As the elder of the two children and son, it was duty to arrange the funeral and get everything done… So he heads off to Kentucky… on the flight there he meets and extremely bubbly and high-spirited flight attendant, Claire (Dunst)… Before getting off she give him directions to where he needed to be… When Drew arrives at the place, Elizabethtown, he finds that everyone in the town knows his father and loves him for that fact… The people are all happy-go-lucky country folks and he was just overwhelmed… Having no one to turn to he calls Claire who had given him her number along with the directions and they have a long phone conversation until they decided to meet up since she had some time… The two bond and were naturally attracted to one another but he had a girlfriend and she had a boyfriend but their other halves were those who weren’t always there for them… but they decided to not act on impulse… On the night of the funeral dinner to toast to Drew’s father, everything just fell into place… It seems that it took his fathers death to unite the whole family and also with the help of Claire thought him how to “live”… Claire arrives to give him a little gift which was a special map that she had made for him for his road trip home… The road trip was long overdue… he had planned to go on a road trip with his dad for some time now but he was always just to busy with work… so now he takes his father’s ashes with him and scatters some of it at every stop he made on the way home… the journey home was very much a journey to self discovery… then he reaches the end of the map that Claire had made for him… he was to look for the next part of the map in the world’s second largest market… in the second part of the map… he had two choices… to continue on his way home or… he could look for her… He decided to look for her… and he finds her…

The movie basically talks of how we are all so career minded that we lose track of what’s important… and in the case of the movie it took the death of his father to help him live… It’s quite a good laugh as well… Another good feel-good movie for the season…


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