What They Don’t Tell You…

Posted: November 2, 2005 in p.o.v.

You know how some people know what they want to be since they were young and they know just exactly how to get it… Well I’m not one of them… and I’m like wondering how did they know how to get it? Did someone sit them down and tell them or did they go around asking or what? I’m basically focusing on ambition here… Lets say you want to be a molecular gastronomist… Well first of all who on earth would know such an occupation exists… but oh man it sounds soooo interesting… Anyway back to the point… I don’t think that your parents can tell you anything about it… and even if you wanted to ask someone who would you ask? How do you find a molecular gastronomist? So… basically… I’m just wondering… is there a place where wew can actually get step-by-step guides to achieving our ambition? I’ve never been one to know what I want… I’ve always changed my mind on what I would really like to do as a career… however I still think chef would suit me well… But if only somehow someone had let me know the route to every career I’ve ever thought of I might have just been able to make up my mind… just maybe…


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