Australian Idol: Final 5

Posted: November 1, 2005 in music, news

Moving along the musical timeline this week was 70s week… Only 5 left and the pressure is definitely on… Excellent week this week it really was… Lee was back to his fast paced self… Kate lost her voice but amazingly when she sang you’ll never have guessed… but she chose to sing Lady Marmalade which I think was not really suitable for her… Daniel was not too bad… Emily was as usual her spectacular self… bagging yet ANOTHER “touchdown”… a “carnation touchdown” at that… and the outstanding performance for the night came from Daniel who delivered all that the judges have ever expected… with Desperado… and he got himself a “touchdown”…

Naturally with only 5 left and all them talented at their own right… it was difficult to even think about any one of them leaving… The bottom 3 for the week were Kate, Lee and Daniel… Kate was sent back to safety first with the public rallying behind her and overlooking her unfortunate condition… So it was down to Lee and Daniel… Lee has never been the strongest singer in the competition but boy do the people love him and he really knows how to entertain the people… Daniel in his own right made himself known as a serious contender over the past two weeks when he stepped up his game and he does have a good rock voice… In the end… it came down to a difference of less than 0.2% between the two guys… and the one to leave was… Daniel… So Lee lives to sing another day… Good thing at that too… Personally I think he brings something special to the competition… If I’m not wrong he’s the first punk-based singer in the competition… not only in AuI… So I hope he gets far… Until next week… Cheers…


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