Breeding Racism

Posted: October 26, 2005 in news, p.o.v.

I was going through the papers today and came by a rather “interesting” article… I’m pretty sure you have never heard of the following pair of twin maybe unless you are a RACIST white living in America!!! Well anyway it’s about this pair of 13-year-old “white” American twins named Lynx and Lamb Gaede… and they are rather Mary-Kate and Ashley looking but trust me when I say they will do more harm to the world than the Olson twins can ever do… and this is because this pair of twins preach pro-racism… more specifically they are Neo-Nazi whose parents are… ahem… coincidentally pro-racist people… wahey… what about that… They are actually a music act who performs at pro-racism (pro-white) gatherings to attract people… Well part of my research in writing this entry was to get some samples of their songs and let me just tell you… their performances might just have the opposite effect… THEY CAN’T SING… seriously… I mean hey I’m no pro but I’m pretty sure they suck… maybe it’s their braces inhibiting proper pronunciation and pitching… but their songs really gave me a headache… and their ability to play the guitar and violin are something left much to be desired… For purposes of NOT promoting them I shall not disclose their group name and song titles… Which brings me to another thought… I wonder if they actually know what they are singing about… because there is one song where they are talking about their children being proud… erm… ok if they have children at their age… wow… And if you are wondering… Yes they are home-schooled… I don’t think they’d last a day in a proper school… they’d probably be either (a) beaten up by the other kids, (b) kicked out of school straight away anyway, or (c) sent to the psychiatric ward… It’s rather sad really… we’ll never know if they really chose this idealism at their own will or it was just too embedded into their brains… One thing we do know is they themselves chose to promote this “evil”…

Growing up in a multi-cultural country… I really don’t understand what’s all the fuss about the whites and blacks (no offense to anyone… I’m not sure what they are preferred to be called… African-Americans?)… If I’m not wrong the whites are the ones who brought the Africans over to America… ahem… Is it really so difficult to see beyond the colour of the skin? I mean come on our skin isn’t that thick anyway… rip it off and we all have the same stuff underneath… and in fact even the skin is the same substance anyway… just some are more sensitive to the light than others… So basically we are all the same… The only thing that makes us different is our mind and soul… so I say this… our colour does not make us evil… but rather we choose to be… Are you?!


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