Australian Idol: Final 6

Posted: October 24, 2005 in music, news

Motown week!!! Well… it was another great week… with the exception of Lee Harding who sang Michael Jackson’s Ben… nice song but not for Lee… he had really bad pitching problems… Daniel Spillane had a great night where he was said to have “found himself”… and he really did… Emily scored another touchdown from Mark and from all that’s been happening she might just win AuI…!!!!

A really close call I would say since all the finalist that are left are great musicians in their own right… and it’s all down to their fan base… Bottom three were Anne, Daniel and Dan… Dan was sent back to safety right after being sent to the bottom 3… So it was down to Anne and Daniel… Who is your guess?? Well the answer is Anne!! I guess she just didn’t have a large enough fan base… sad really… she was really good… So 5 are left… It’s a fight to the finish… Until next week… Cheers…!!


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