Australian Idol: Final 9

Posted: October 3, 2005 in music, news

This week’s theme was shuffle: the contestant’s choice… Anyone would think that the contestants would choose songs which they love and have sung forever so much that they can perform it spectacularly… But it wasn’t to be so… Just some relatively good performances but not great… my favourite of the night was Dan England… To Be With You… also because I love the song… Daniel’s song is a nice song but his performance was rather stale… Lee’s performance was good but I don’t like the song… and somehow I think that the “punk” genre should be done by bands not soloists… Also I don’t understand what is wrong with Milly… she never recovered after being in the bottom 3 on the first week… it’s rather sad really… she can be really good… but she can dance…

The bottom three for the week was Roxane, Daniel and Milly… And the one to leave is Roxane… Yeah I didn’t really fancy her performance… Roxane is good but past two weeks her performance were rather shaky and I don’t really like her shrieky voice… quite annoying… So until next week… Cheers…


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