Australian Idol: Final 10

Posted: September 27, 2005 in music, news

This week’s theme is rock supergroups!! Sounds good?!?! Well turns out… not really… During the week… the AuI Final 10 has had loads to do… traveling down to Melbourne for a performance in Federation Square and on Saturday at the MCG for the AFL finals… which the Swans won!!! GO SWANS!!! Anyway back to the topic… and of course AuI live performances were on Sunday… so they didn’t have time for much practice and rest… but I guess that’s not really an excuse… Maybe it’s because I don’t really fancy rock music… but I thought that the performances were a little lame… Dan was alright but I reckon his choice of song was wrong even though it gets the crowd going but it doesn’t show his talent… Lee had another brilliant performance… showing that you don’t need a super voice to entertain a crowd… I like Anne’s performance myself… and Emily had a very good night indeed… the judges loved her… I thought she was ok… I don’t really fancy her but I have to admit she’s really good…

The bottom three for the week was James, Laura and Daniel… and the one sent packing was Laura… FINALLY!!! But she really was the worst this week… she admits she’s not a rock chick but I think that’s not an excuse… Idols need to be able to make the song their own… like Lee he made a rock song into a punk/rock song which fitted him really well… This is my comment about Laura… putting my prejudice against her aside… Yes she has a great voice… she’s actually doing a music degree and majoring in vocals… good luck to her on that… but what I think is that maybe she’s too classical and technical… She lacks the ability to understand the music she’s singing and conveying it to the audience… we hear but not listen… her stage presentation lacks the x-factor… and she’s not versatile… and I think she doesn’t know how to pick song which suites her… All in all… she’s just boring and I think she was lucky to have gotten this far even… But James and Daniel live to sing another day… Oh I have to say this as well… I think if James stopped doing those weird dance moves he likes to do so much… he may not en up in the bottom 3… and Daniel needs to look like he’s going to explode everytime he sings… his neck goes all strain-ish and his face goes red… but he likes to shout I guess… Well until next week… Cheers…


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