Dutch Masters… Bravisimo!!

Posted: September 21, 2005 in culture, exhibition

Oh man… the exhibition was AWESOME!!! I feel so geeky now… But seriously… man the paintings displayed were so good… duh… but it’s been soooo long since I properly enjoyed art… Man I loved so many of them… There was this one painting, which I can’t remember who did it… hehehe, but it looked sooooo real and it’s almost like the guy in the painting was sticking out… spooky!!! Rembrandt’s paintings were of course great but some where smaller than I expected… Hahaha… and they didn’t have some of the ones I really wanted to see like The Night Watch, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp, The Descent From The Cross and The Slaughtered Ox… I was rather dispapointed that they only had one Vermeer painting… The Love Letter… which is supposed to be his most famous one so at least they had that… I wanted to see The Allegory Of Painting and Girl With A Pearl Earring… some of you might know remember that as the title of the film with Scarlett Johansson… Anyway there were quite a number of great paintings there… worth my money… wanted to buy the book as well… but it was AU$39.95… too much… sigh… Too bad there weren’t more works… Hahaha… really want to see more… Yeap so if you are in Melbourne and like art… I recommend you go see the exhibition… It ends on 2nd November 2005… Adult ticket costs Au$20, Concession Au$16 and Full time student Au$10… Cheers…


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