Australian Idol: Final 11

Posted: September 19, 2005 in music, news

I forgot to mention last week that it was Aussie Nite… This week was 60’s Nite… I have to say that this week’s performances were on average better than last week’s but there were no particularly outstanding performances like last week… I would say that Kate, Anne, Dan, Emily and Lee were the better ones… As the judges said Lee isn’t very strong vocally but he’s very smart and he knows how to pick his songs and he knows just how to work the crowd… Dan like usual gave a great performance but this week he seems to be a little weary of his vocals during the high parts… Kate was good and confident… Emily was awesome but straying towards the yelling side and Anne was good but lost a little bit of her magic from last week… Milly was back to her groovy self this week but not absolutely… I think the most disappointing was Natalie… her rendition of Dancing In The Streets wasn’t that good…

This week the bottom three were James, Laura and Natalie… and the one who left is… Natalie… You know Laura must have a loooooot of support from her family and friends because when the interview people no one mentions her… Well anyway… glad the guys are still in… Hehehe… Cheers…


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