The Island

Posted: September 15, 2005 in movie

Starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson… This movie begins in a weird facility which is deemed to be paradise… It is supposedly a containment facility for the surviving mankind after a deadly virus swept the earth destroying all living this… However Lincoln Six-Echo (McGregor) has many unanswered question and his hunger to find them grows day-by-day… For example… if there is a virus going around for years in the outside world… How do they keep finding new people… In this facility… the residents live by strict rules and routine procedures waiting for the day the win the “lottery” to go to “The Island” which is the only place left on earth that is not infected… As he waits for his turn to go to The Island… Lincoln befriends Jordan Two-Delta (Johansson) and he recently kept having the same dream over and over of him drowning on his way to The Island… One day Jordan wins the lottery and Lincoln feels a little weary of letting her go because he had found a live “flying bug” from the outside world and found it suspicious… So he decides to go investigate… When he does… he finds that instead of the going to The Island… the people chosen were killed for one reason or another… With this he goes to warn Jordan but the facility directors find out and starts to chase after him… They have no choice but to runaway with the help of Lincoln’s friend who works for the facility as a maintenance officer… They find out that everything they know about the world is a lie… They are actually clones of real people in the outside world who are kept as “insurance policies” for medical purposes… After escaping the facility they are continued to be chased after by the facility officers… Meanwhile the facility directors find that within a few “batch” of their clones there were some errors where the real person’s memories were transferred to the clones by accident making them able to think more accurately than they are supposed to… and Lincoln and Jordan were in those batches… with that the facility prepares to “dispose” of those clones and make fresh batches… which means they were going to kill all the defected clones… When Lincoln and Jordan found out the plan they decide to go back and save the clones…

The movie itself was quite excellent really… or maybe cause of Ewan McGregor… Hahaha… but… I can’t wrap my finger around something that’s missing… To me it felt like the movie lacked the depth to make the story come alive… Sure it had action and suspense and all that but something didn’t feel quite right… it was like when one part starts to get good… the movie moves on to the next part really abruptly… but I guess you can’t make the movie too long can you… But I enjoyed the movie… I used to think that Scarlett Johansson wasn’t that pretty and her voice was kinda annoying… she sounded like she had a permanent sore throat… But I thought she was absolutely gorgeous in this movie…!! Worth a watch I would say… Cheers…


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