Must Love Dogs

Posted: September 15, 2005 in movie

I’m so tired of writing synopsis… Here’s the one from Yahoo! movies… Sarah Hurlihy (Diane Lane), a divorced preschool teacher who has sworn off dating after her bad breakup, finds her family pushing her back into the dating world. Her sister places a personal ad for her, declaring that anyone answering it “must love dogs,” despite the fact that Sarah doesn’t own a dog herself. When someone intriguing responds to the ad, she decides to borrow Mother Theresa, her brother’s dog, and plunge in. Also stars John Cusack as the male lead.

It’s been quite some time since they made nice romantic comedies… and this would be a good start… When I say romantic comedy… it does not include teen flicks… A fun movie to watch… believable… I love both Lane and Cusack… so for me it’s worth a watch… But still not as good as some of the older romantic comedies… Cheers…


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