Invisible Menace

Posted: August 29, 2005 in news

By now most of you should already know about the Hurricane Katrina… the killer hurricane that’s rocking the east coast of the united states and is now moving inland!! The smallest of the problem was that the MTV VMAs had to be postponed due to the hurricane and heavy rain… Now the people of New Orleans are bracing themselves for what seems like a major and massive flood that will drown out a large part of the city… God bless everyone who’s over there… Last I heard a lot of people have already fled when they could but now it’s not safe to fly anymore and everyone is just stocking up, moving inwards and upwards…

On a nearly non-related topic… Melbourne is getting pretty strong winds as well… Today was one of the worst since I got here… I was walking slanted and had to literally fight the wind to walk straight…

Good luck everyone fighting the hurricane… Cheers…


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