The Problem With Education…

Posted: August 16, 2005 in p.o.v.

Who feels like they are lucky to be educated?! Or… Who feels like education is a right not a privilege?! Do you think that modern day’s effect on education is good or bad?! Okay… think about it… In present day… education is a must in developed and semi-developed country… and welfare organization are trying to provide those in 3rd worlds with education… and we all know education is the key to a growing and developing community… It is THE way to spread understanding and tolerance… at least I personally think so… But are we actually getting “smarter”?! What the hell am I talking about?! Compare the “old” ways and the current ways… people used to be thought textbook style… by that I mean we are told this is this and that is that… now it’s more like… expand-your-horizon style where we are given questions to answer ourselves… to so called make us feel engaged and participate… Pro… it does make us work and an inquisitive mind creates new ideas… Con… not everyone will work… it’s hard to guarantee that a child will “get” the knowledge in the end… at least if it’s textbook style they know what’s going on… they just never think… Then there’s the problem with the miracle tool called calculator… I do thank God that someone invented it… personally it will take me forever to figure out an equation without it… but this only encourages us to not think doesn’t it… I mean just punch in a few numbers and vuala you get the answer… Of course there are problems that need thinking but those only come AFTER we are used to using calculators already making it super difficult to solve those complex equations… living proof is me… I really do wish that they would allow us to use calculators for uni math but unfortunately… they don’t… and I’m bare surviving… but I’ll be fine… And what about languages?! Boy oh boy… the English language is really a depleting language… living proof is me again… well okay so my first language isn’t exactly but according to my exam results… my English is supposed to be up-to-standard… But is it really?! If you’ve been reading my blog… I’m sure you can tell how bad my grammar and spelling is… worst is I can’t seem to stop sounding so colloquial… Although… I suppose I shouldn’t be complaining about getting exceptional results… but I’m just stating a fact…

Worst of all… Is education spoiling the current generation and continue to spoil the generations to come?! What I mean is… are we excepting too much out of life?! It’s already bad enough for every parent to think their child is super special and will turn out to be geniuses with enough education… but now the children themselves think that they “deserve” to get the best marks… and will one day “deserve” the best work and the best pay… Once upon a time people were just grateful for having a job… now having a job is not good enough… we want high pay… with all the extra-bits like healthcare and what not… and a comfortable environment… Everyone wants power and pride… No one wants to be a carpenter… a plumber… an electrician… a mechanic… a fisherman anymore… We want to be engineers… scientists… doctors… lawyers… accountants… businessmen… Doesn’t this make you think that IF everyone in the world were educated… what would the world really be like?! Everyone will be trying to outwit each other so much that we’d end up at each others throats I believe… But in the end… I myself am one of those who wants all the luxuries in life… I wouldn’t want to end up picking up garbage at the side of the road… I want to someday be earning hundreds of thousands or dollars so that I wouldn’t have to lift a finger in my later years… I think I’m the only one who would think of such nonsense… Education is good… or is it?! One question that is just absurd because progress only happens with education… and we can’t go backwards now that we have all the luxuries that came with knowledge… However… one has to think… all the great knowledge that men have learned to enhance have had the potential to be exploited and misused… So is it the problem with knowledge… or the problem with “us”?! We will never know…


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