The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants

Posted: July 24, 2005 in movie

I very much enjoyed this movie… and I think that it suffered a lack of publicity… It’s a shame really because I think the messages, though a little tacky, are really touching… and I think the movie is really touching… Basically it’s about this 4 best friends who are 4 rather different people but they have been through everything together… But that summer they were all heading off on their own to do their own stuff and before they went off they found a pair of pants that mysterious managed to fit them all… So they decided to share the pair of jeans where they each have it for a week… At first it seemed that all the jeans brought them was bad luck but then they realized that it was really changing their lives to what they have always hoped it would be and give them strength to confront their fears… So yeah I think if you’ve got the chance go watch it because I think it’s a pretty decent movie… Cheers…


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