The Perfect Man

Posted: July 24, 2005 in movie

Actually I have to admit I only wanted to watch this show because Chris Noth is in it… I think most of you won’t know who that is… He is “Mr. Big” in Sex & The City… He’s so gorgeous… Anyway… it’s about this girl, Holly (Hilary Duff), who has been subjected to moving all around the country because of her mother… whom everytime she gets heartbroken… and it happens pretty often… would move to a new place… Her latest location is Brooklyn and she’s sick of moving… So she decides to invent the prefect man to keep her mother preoccupied… But one lie leads to another and things get out of control… Well like all the other Hilary Duff movies… it’s not been a hit… An okay movie to watch but not worth going to the theatre for…


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