Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince

Posted: July 22, 2005 in book

No worries everyone… this is NOT A SPOILER… just a general review… So in book 5 (Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix) we were left wondering “what now” after the wizarding community FINALLY realize that “He Who Must Not Be Named” is really back… Now in book 6… we are introduced to a rather shocking yet not unexpected secret of one of the members of the order which might shake things up a little… and also a rather important character only to be known as the “Half-Blood Prince” until the very end of the book… this character seemed to be helping Harry in school quite a lot but then things took a turn for the worst… Harry also becomes more and more annoying in the sense that he is even more impatient than ever to get rid of Lord Voldermort and solve his little mysteries… Harry also depends less on his two compatriot whom we have seem helped him out so much throughout his time in Hogwarts and most importantly… the book tells of the many different and yet very much influential “relationships” between the characters of the story… My overall view of the book… much better than the previous book… It seems that Rowling is regaining her flair slightly… and with that I’ll leave you to read the book on your own… Cheers…


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