The Guys And I

Posted: June 28, 2005 in activity

Had a gathering with my college classmates yesterday… Great to see those who I haven’t seen since beginning of this year again… but the down side was that I was the only girl…!!!! Gasp!!! Yeah well… all the other girls are either not back from Australia or are unavailable… how sad… So it was Daniel, Richard, Wai King, Weng Yew, Jonathan, Meng Sang , Jing Yao and myself… Yihaur was a no show… When came time for lunch we went to Chilli’s after many decision changes… stayed for about 2 hours or so… and many drink refills… After that the guys decided to go “da gei” aka play computer games… So I broke off from the gang… It’s amazing that somethings are still soooooo expensive even in Malaysian Ringgit and some things are even more expensive than those in Melbourne… So many things I wanted to buy but decided not to in the end… Oh well… maybe later… Cheers…


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