Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Posted: June 16, 2005 in movie

I have to admit… I was totally psyched up to watch the show… I just couldn’t wait you know with all the publicity and rumours about Pitt and Jolie… But well… it wasn’t that good after all… good for a quick watch I guess… The introduction was quite nice… The show was rather funny actually… I think I would categorize the show under action romantic comedy… Haven’t had much of those… ;P Okay so I’m sure EVERYONE knows basically what it’s about… John Smith (Pitt) and Jane Smith (Jolie) works for two competing assassination agencies (which seems like his and hers agencies as well… ;P)… They met each other in Columbia and are married for 6 years without knowing each others true identities… But when they finally find out… they were each others targets and things get chaotic!!! Killing each other becomes a whole new meaning in a marriage… well it was not like their marriage was smooth sailing anyway… But when they are faced with the REAL opportunity… they just could not do it… because they really do love one another… (awwww… how sweet)… So then they decide to go after something more harmful to the agencies… And again another truth unfolds… The so-called threat was actually a bait and the real targets were BOTH Mr and Mrs Smith… a joint venture by both agencies because they figured that their agents being married to each other was a bad image… So anyway now the Mr and Mrs team up to get back at the agencies… And in the end… everyone lives happily ever after… Oh yeah… by the way… the funniest part of the movie is when Adam Brody is introduced into the show… I didn’t know he was in it… so funny that he’s in an “action” movie… but he’s just as silly as he is in The O.C… Yeah so the movie is a good watch if you like comedies… I rather enjoyed it… but I thought there would be more action… Hahaha… But yeah… it was okay… So go watch it… Cheers…

Favourite quotes from the movie:
* “Happy endings are just stories that haven’t finished yet.”
* “Hey stranger.” “Hey back.”
* “This is the second time you tried to kill me.” “Oh, come on. It was just a little bomb.”
* “I thought you look like Christmas morning.” “I thought you were the most beautiful mark I’ve ever seen.”
* “There are times that I just wanna… kill her…” “Likewise.” “But… couldn’t take the shot.”
* “There’s this huge space between us… and it just keeps filling up with everything that we don’t say to each other… What do you call that?” “Marriage.”
* “I was married once.” “What’s her name and her social security number?” “No, you’re not going to kill her.”


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