Posted: June 7, 2005 in movie

This is an animation from the creators of Shrek and Shark Tales. It’s basically about 4 animal friends, the Lion: Alex [Ben Stiller], the Zebra: Marty [Chris Rock], the (pregnant) Hippo: Gloria [Jada Pinkett-Smith], and the Giraffe: Melman [David Schwimmer] and their “survival” in Madagascar after an accident landed them there. What happened is that Marty turns 10 at the beginning of the show and when he found out that the four penguins in the New York Zoo were trying to escape to the wild, he realizes how bored he is and wished to be in the wild as well. That night he escapes to go off but plans to return in the morning. However, when Alex, Gloria and Melman realizes he’s gone, they go after him. Of course being animals on the loose, they were captured and brought back to the zoo but because of animal-rights protesters, they were to be shipped back to the wild, Africa to be exact. But during the shipping, something happened and they ended up in Madagascar instead where things started going wrong and Alex turns into a predator, which he was not before.But of course all ends well. This show is pretty hilarious at times… I totally love Melman’s character, who is like totally paranoid and stuff… the absolutely got the right person to do the voice… and the penguins and monkeys were soooooo funny… loved it!!!! I think it’s currently at the top of the movie charts as well… so go catch it… it’s pretty worth it I reckon… Cheers!!!


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