The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

Posted: May 18, 2005 in movie

I don’t know how many of you have heard of this show… I don’t think it’s very popular… But I’ve watched it and I have to say that it was pretty good… This movie was originally a book… which then became a radio show… you know one of those where people voice act on radios… yeah those… then it was made into a short TV series… but that was pretty long ago… 1970s I think… then now it’s made into a movie… the plot of the story is quite interesting really… it’s about this English guy, Arthur, whom was just living his life nicely until one day his house was to be demolished without his prior knowledge to made some kind of bypass… But more importantly… oblivious to all mankind, Earth was about to be blown up to make a bypass for the galaxy… But luckily… Arthur has this friend who was actually from another planet, who also knew that Earth was to be demolished, and so he saved Arthur by beaming the two of them on bored the demolishing spaceship… and hence making them hitchhikers… and soon they find themselves on an adventure… to find “The Ultimate Question to Life”… I find the ending of the show quite touching and it gives you a sense of appreciation for Earth… and it’s quite funny the show… really it is… or maybe some of you won’t get it… the show was an abridged version of the real story… I know this because well… I have the audiobook and I have actually watched the TV series as well… hahaha… It turned out that my uni library had the series when I first heard the movie was coming out and so I decided to watch that first… but of course the movie was much better… Well… so if you have the time I think you should give it a go… won’t hurt… Cheers!!


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