Random Thought…

Posted: May 18, 2005 in random ramble

You know I was watching this cooking program on TV the other day and I so totally agree with something the guy said… He said, quote: “Cooking is an artform… it’s not about the measurement.” unquote. When I cook I hardly ever measure anything properly… I measure by my sight… if I see it looks like enough then it’s enough… of course most often than not you’ll later have to rely on your nose and taste buds to confirm what you did earlier was good enough… Most people think that cooking is such a technical thing but they are totally mistaken… You should use your intuition and gut… literally… ;P I guess it comes with experience… in terms of the more you do it the easier it gets… I myself don’t remember when exactly that I started developing interest in cooking… but I know I’ve enjoyed doing it since I was young and personally… I haven’t really cooked anything serious until I came over to Melbourne… I wouldn’t dare say that I’m good at cooking… I really wouldn’t… but I think… THINK… it does come rather naturally to me… I mean I can nearly estimate the taste of the food I’m going to end up with by the smell of their ingredients that’s why you’ll see me smell my cooking more often than tasting to see if it were salty enough… Don’t believe me? Ask my housemate Priscilla… I think she thinks it’s weird when I do that… So what about you?! Are you one of those people who think cooking is soooooooo difficult and you just CAN’T seem to do it right… and the only things you can cook is 2 minute noodles and fried eggs or to use the microwave for EVERYTHING? Personally… and I don’t mean it as an insult… I don’t understand how someone can not cook… I mean seriously… you just dump everything in let it cook and vualla… a decent meal… Hmmm… maybe you should give me something to ponder over… why not tell me why YOU find it simple or difficult to cook… 🙂 Cheers!!


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