Oh! For Crying Out Load!!

Posted: May 16, 2005 in random ramble

You know how Australia has a freedom of speech policy? Well Aussies are practically allowed to voice their thoughts publicly on almost all matters except religion. So anyway, the Student Union of University of Melbourne decided to protest against the formation of VSU by the Victorian Government… and they did it twice already so far… personally as an International student… I am FOR the formation of VSU and against their protest because if VSU becomes official, we won’t have to pay for all those facilities we don’t use… of course this means that the student union will be losing a lot of money… Actually I don’t mind them protesting of course… but if they are going to make so much noise and block traffic… that’s just annoying… Though… at least they are doing something instead of the usual Malaysian practice of “all talk, no action” policy… we always have loads of complaints but never do anything to get rid of them… So what’s my point… no point… just a thought… ;P

Anyway here’s a look of my nearly finished laksa… yes I made it myself… with fishballs, fishcake, tofu puffs, tofu skin, chicken pieces… only thing missing was sambal belacan… but all in all was not bad… hahaha… I keep forgetting to take pictures of what I cook… arrrrgghhhh… must remember!!! ;P Man I’m having this bad pain in the left side of my back… so annoying!!! That’s all… cheers…


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