The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

Posted: May 6, 2005 in book

Originally the 3rd book… The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader is now the 5th in the series. Based in the year 1942 in normal human year count, Edmund and Lucy have been stuck with spending the Holidays with their dreadful cousin Eustace Clarence Scrubb. One afternoon, Edmund and Lucy were talking about Narnia, when Eustace over heard them and came in to tease them. It was during this time that a very peculiar thing happened. While Eustace was complaining every chance he got.Edmund and Lucy were given a tour of the Dawn Treader. They had only been on the ship for a few days, when Eustace had tried to swing Reepicheep around by his tail, and ended up on the bad side of Reepicheep’s sword. After walking for a short time on Falimath, Caspian met one of the Seven Lords he was searching for. After boarding the Dawn Treader again, Caspian had some signals run up, for the rest of his fleet to assemble round the point, at Bernstead. After marching on the Castle of the Governor, and relieving him of his position, Caspian made the Lord Bern, Duke of the Lone Isles. Next they had the slave trade closed, and Caspian went and rescued his friends. Three weeks after landing at Narrowhaven, the Dawn Treader, once again, set sail. Lucy really enjoyed the next few days relaxing in the sun playing chess with Reepicheep. It was when the ship had started running dangerously low on fresh water, that they found land for the first time in 3 weeks. This was when Eustace disappeared. While the others were all feasting on game they had found on the island, Eustace had found himself in a valley with no idea where he was. The next morning after waking, Eustace found that a very strange change had come over him in the night, and that he didn’t like it too much. After he had gotten used to the change, Eustace found his was back to the others. After helping to restock, and remast the ship, Eustace was thinking he may have to be left behind for the rest of the voyage, that was until he had a night time visitor. The day on which they left, Caspian named the Island, Dragon Isle. Then he threw Lord Octesians bracelet to where no one could reach it. After leaving Dragon Isle, the ship headed for an uninhabited Island they had seen. After exploring it, it was named Burnt Isle. On the next Island, they found the fate of one of the Lords they were searching for, and could not leave the Island fast enough. It was on the last day they thought they could continue eastward, that the Dawn Treader came into sight of land. But it wasn’t until Lucy had stopped to remove a stone from her shoe, that they found out they had been cut off from their ship by invisible enemies. After feasting and sleeping, Lucy entered the house to complete the task she had been set. When Lucy finally made it to the Last door on the left, After a few distractions. She found, inside, what she was looking for, and began. After Aslan introduced Lucy to the Magician, She finally got to see what it was, she had made visible. That night, everyone feasted with the magician, and he gave them a very useful gift. The next day, after restocking, the Dawn Treader continued on her voyage. After almost 2 weeks of sailing, the crew thought they saw land so changed direction towards it. That was when they realized it wasn’t land at all, it was just a complete darkness. Inside was the land where dreams came true. They sailed for days with the wind never dying, but always growing softer, until they spotted land. This was the Island some called the Worlds end. Here Caspian, Edmund, Lucy and Eustace feasted at Aslans table, and found three of the lords they were searching for. After meeting Ramandu, he explained that to break the enchantment, they must travel as far east as possible, and leave one of their company there. After deciding who would travel with them to the end of their voyage, everyone sat, and feasted at Aslans Table. While Drinian was telling Lucy not to mention the Sea People to anyone, Reepicheep and jumped over board thinking the King of the Sea People had challenged him. That was when they discovered the water was sweet. Almost as if you were drinking light. Then there came a time when Lucy, Edmund, Eustace, and Reepicheep had to leave the ship and go on alone in the boat. After days in the boat, Reepicheep had to go on by himself in his Coracle. The children then left the boat as well and waded until they came to land. Here they met Aslan who, once again, sent them home. For this story has now come to an end. But let it be noted, Eustace was a far nicer boy following is adventures in Narnia.
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