The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Posted: May 6, 2005 in book

Originally the 2nd book… Prince Caspian is now the 4th in the series. Based on the year 1941 in normal human year count, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy were pulled off the railway station platform by some sort of magic. After exploring their surroundings, and finding fresh water, they found what seemed to be an arch that was the entrance to and Apple Orchard. After realizing they were in their old castle Cair Paravel, The children found their way into the treasure chamber. After exploring it for a short while, they returned outside again to settle for the night, but they took with them the gifts they received the first time they entered Narnia. While deciding how they were to make their way to the mainland, the children were interrupted by 2 guards who where trying to drown what seemed to be a dwarf. After saving the dwarf and catching some fish for breakfast, they all settled down so the dwarf could tell them his story. Caspian was a prince who wished he could live in the old Narnia. His Nurse told him stories about it, but ended up losing her job. Caspian received a tutor, and it wasn’t until the middle of the night not long after the new tutor started, that Caspian learned the truth about the old Narnia. Caspian continued to learn more about Narnia in secret until one night Cornelius came to him and said that Caspian must leave at once. After Cornelius explained why Caspian must leave, Caspian made all haste to Archenland where he would be safe. But Caspian never made it to Archenland. With the help of Trufflehunter, Nikabrak, and Trumpkin, Caspian met with a lot of the Old Narnians, and arranged to have a great feast on the Dancing Lawns. That night he found out he was at the Dancing Lawns and why they were named such, as well as meeting the Fauns. The night of the Great Feast arrived, with all manner of beats turning up for it. They had just settle in to start when Cornelius arrived with the news that they must leave at once. After days of battling Miraz’s army without success, it was time to Blow Queen Suzan’s horn and hope the stories about it were true. After Trumpkin had finished his story, and everyone had been fitted with weapons and Armour. It was time to be going. After deciding on the best way to get to Aslan’s How and the young Prince, they collect up some apples and left. After the others had all gone to sleep, Lucy wandered through the trees talking to them, hoping to wake them up. The next morning they tried making their way to Caspian without much luck, Until Lucy saw Aslan. After making it Beruna, they ran into a Sentry outpost, meaning they had to go back the way they had come. That night, Lucy once again walked among the trees who where almost awake. Then she saw Aslan again who said it was time to leave, for there was much to be done. With the others following behind her, Lucy led them the way Aslan took them to Aslans How. One by One they all started to see him until he stopped and waited for them at Aslans How, and met Trumpkin for the first time. Finally Aslan called to him the Tree’s and their People for it was time for them to awake. Trumpkin and the boy’s stopped outside the council chamber to hear how things were going inside. They were not going very well. After storming in and dealing with the traitor’s, the boys met Caspian for the first time and they all sat down for breakfast. After breakfast, peter decided it was time to do something themselves while waiting for Aslan to tell them what was to be done. So he sent a challenge to Miraz and set everything up before lunch. The duel continued on for a while, and when it was over the Telmarines called treachery and attacked the Narnians. That was when the newly awoken tree’s attacked. Meanwhile, Aslan and the girls had been having fun freeing the kind people from the things they didn’t want to do, and punishing a few of the bad ones. After all the Telmarines had been captured and Reepicheep had been restored to his full Honour, Aslan gave the Telmarines a way back to the country they originally came from. But it was up to Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy to lead the way, because this is the end of this adventure in Narnia.
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