Posted: May 2, 2005 in food, random ramble

I dunno… I just like to take the sky…

The Chef… who refused to give me a proper picture…

Errr are these cooked? They’re bleeding!!

Watch out for the heart attack!!

Okay for those who have not sampled or let alone seen dear Miss Priscilla Ang’s cooking… well I have it here at her finest moment… hahaha… NOT!! I’m really so evil… Truth is this really isn’t her proudest moment… I have been wondering for some time now which one of us, between my housemates and I, would be the first to make fried chicken and unsuspectingly… it turned out to be PRIS!!! Gasp!!! Dum dum dum!!! Initially I think she wanted to chop up the chicken into small pieces… BUT unfortunately we don’t have one of those huge butcher’s knife but we do have one pretty good knife… I myself have used it to chop up chicken into smaller pieces but of course after that there was some blood splatters… kinda freaky… hahaha but that’s another story… So… knowing my dear housemate, whom I was keeping an eye on just in case, only managed to cut through the flesh… boy oh boy… I tried teaching her how to do it proper but she’s just too soft… oh well… so she decided to cook it as a whole but with the flesh cut till the bones… As I though the worst was over… I decided to go take a shower… BUT in the middle of my shower I hear the smoke detector go off…!!! When I came out… she hasn’t even started cooking!!! Wonder how it was the smoke detector went off… hmmmm… Well anyway when she finally started it was pretty good at first… until of course the moisture from the chicken started leaking out and EVERYONE knows what happens when hot oil and water mixes!!! Oil splatters!!! Poor girl… she’s not used to it like I am… When we took out the first batch… it was still bleeding… Fast forwarding to the conclusion… I took to the battlefield and took over the frying for the second batch of chicken… and the first batch was just a little undercooked… But there are lessons to be learned from this… (1) Do not leave the chicken half-cut… (2) If you’re gonna fry anything wet… dry it off as much as possible first… (3) When frying… it’s best if the oil covers the whole piece of item… (4) And when ALL fails… leave it to the experts… “da bao” KFC!!! Hahahaha… Cheers…


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